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9am - 6pm Monday to Saturday || 469C Long Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC


The Home Store is powered by volunteers! We have a wide range of skills sets needed, get in touch and we will put your unique skills to work!


Visit Us Monday thru Saturday 9am-6pm. All proceeds from when you shop at the Home Store go towards building new homes and serving the needs of our community.


We offer Fast & Free Pick Ups. Don't let your pre-loved furniture go to waste in a landfill. Donte it to the Home Store & it will help build homes.

You don't have to lift a hammer to build homes

Our Home Store is a Non-Profit, community based retail store, which specializes in selling gently used furniture, appliances, building materials and supplies.

Your donated used stuff or your purchase of someone else’s used stuff, not only helps keep our landfills less crowded, it provides funding for home ownership for our LOCAL Habitat for Humanity Homeowner Program and other local missions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a pick up?

It’s easy, click here and schedule online or give us a call 843.849.8002

Do you take clothes?

We don't but the local Goodwill does. Click or call 843-216-8088 to find the closest store to you.

Where do your profits go?

100% of our profits are used to build Habitat Homes and funding other local missions in the East Cooper Region of Charleston, SC.

Can I donate money to the Home Store?

Yes and it is most likely fully tax deductable. The East Cooper Home Store is a 501-C3 Non-Profit entity and all donations are usually tax deductible, but you should check with your professional tax advisor to confirm.

How do I sign up to Volunteer?

Go to the volunteer page and you can fill out a form that will get you on the schedule. Or you can simply call us at 843.849.8002 and we’ll put you on the schedule.

Are my donations tax deductible?

You will need to consult with your tax advisor (because we aren’t one) to make sure, but in most cases the answer is yes.

Do you have more than one location?

The only Home Store location in Mt. Pleasant, SC is at 469 Long Point Road.

What is "gently used"?

Our mission is to convert your used stuff into funds to build Habitat houses and contribute to local missions projects, so it is important that we get stuff that we can sell. "Gently Used" is something that is used, but doesn’t belong in a landfill. We aren’t a landfill, so make a simple judgment call on whether it needs to be landfilled or can be sold. If it can be sold, it usually qualifies as “gently used”. If not, please send it to the landfill!

Where to find us

Our 20,000 square foot Home Store is located in Mount Pleasant on Long Point Road immediately after you pass Long Point Grill on your right.

469C Long Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Open Monday thru Saturday 9am - 6pm

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Contact us

East Cooper Home Store

Mon - Sat: 9a - 6p

469C Long Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


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Parker Ferrell
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Volunteer Coordinator

Phyllis Gildea
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